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Haunted Halloween

Here is this week's blog.

I'm giving it the title Haunted Halloween, because, well … tomorrow is October 31st, Halloween.
I am also going to try something a little different, I'm asking you THAT'S RIGHT Those of you who actually take out time to read my blog for some advice. So please respond to this blog via my website.

Next October, that's in 2019, Pegasus would like to do a Halloween themed event for adults and those who are not thrilled with going to haunted houses (Blood and gore with chainsaws) and are looking for something different.

Suggestions have included so far 1) a pub crawl w/ costumes. 2) A ghost story tour of downtown. 3) A trip through a cemetery  4) a haunted festival of some sorts and finally 5) A Zombie parade.

So what is your suggestion? Drop me your comments, thoughts in a vaguely worded heading or a very well planned out idea. If interested in working with us at Pegasus in developing next years project, we are always looking for new blood.


Projects, projects, projects everywhere

Projects, projects, projects everywhere.

Welcome to this week's blog entry. As I mentioned in last week's blog titled Writer's block I confessed that I seldom have if ever experienced the phenonium because I always had several writing projects going at the same time. What I failed to mention, since it didn't have anything to do with writing is that the beauty and the curse of this entire PEGASUS thing is that besides my personal writing schedule, there are several other events taking place involving the group. There is also my outside acting gigs and interests as well.

And right now I am juggling a whole lot of things across the board. However, because I'm not a tree that is planted in one spot. I will always find a way to keep moving forward. So here is what is on my plate over the next few months.

WRITING: I will be releasing the first week of November the second edition of Be Extraordinary Today 2. It is a compilation of motivational quotes, 365 to be exact (one…

Writer's Block

Welcome to today's post. I want to tackle the question that comes up every now and then when more than one writer gets together in the same room. How do you handle writer's block? First, let me say that I have never experienced this topic, so my recommendations may go without the merit of personal experience. I have, however, run into days that I was not really motivated to sit down and blow out a couple thousand words on the laptop.

I have always found it helpful for me to have several, as much as five or six projects going on at the same time. These of course may be at several different stages. Concept, Outline, Storyline, Writing, Editing, Rewrite and Polishing.

I also try to set the same time frame and period during the day to work on these. I have a quiet spot in my home office area as well as on the back deck. It also helps at times to simply just relax in the hot tub and rethink a project through. I also find that most night's while trying to sleep that my mind will…

Why Pegasus?

Why Pegasus? I have been asked this question on several occasions recently. It was even suggested that it might be a name that holds us back in some of our endeavors. So, why did I decide on calling this project Pegasus Entertainment and Event Production Management, which I will admit is a mouthful. It also fills up the business card.

First, I just loved the concept of what the logo could like, which by the way was designed by my talented son, Jeff. A strong, muscular mythical horse that could soar into the sky. The Pegasus, came out of Greek mythology and was a symbol of 1) high flying imagination 2) mobility 3) powerful and 4) aspiring to the greatest heights of accomplishment. What there couldn't you like about the winged divine stallion that attempted to take Hercules to the sun?

I wanted to have as a symbol something that reflected what I dreamed this entity could become. We produce and manage events for entertaining people that are different and highly creative (High flying …

Developing a character

Developing a character whether as an actor or not is the most important function that 'sells yourself' out there in the public. If the role is for stage or film, an actor has to totally immerse themselves as the character they are portraying for the audience or the public to believe in the credibility of the person being portrayed.

It is the same in everyday life. Who do you want to be? Are you struggling with confidence in front of small groups, large groups, in one on one situations? Are you not coming across as credible or even successful in the eyes of others? Maybe all you really need is to redefine or simply tweak your perceived character in their eyes, just as the actor inside all of us.

Our workshop: Acting 101 deals directly with these same questions. Who am I portraying? Yes, but even more importantly, how do I do it as effectively as possible and in a believable manner. We start by first observing as many different people as possible in public settings. Many people…