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McGuire II underway

Happy Tuesday!

The sequel to 'Tears of St. Benedict's - A Michael McGuire Murder Mystery' is underway with the working title 'Kiss the Blarney Stone'. If all stays on schedule look for a early November release.

Late September look for 'The Extraordinary, unbelievable and definitively Odd Adventures of Sir Reginald Albert Arbuckle III' to be available. It is a series of tongue firmly implanted in cheek tales of Sir Arbuckle in a cross of 80 days around the world meets Bullwinkle's' Mr. Peabody.

On the event side of Pegasus, Brent finished his show this past Saturday, went very well!

The group is putting the finishing touches on both the ShakesBEER and the Haunted Tales Projects. Details to be announced next week.

Finalizing a few more details on the 2020 Renaissance Faire to be held May 2 & 3 in 2020 at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater. Lyle is working hard on this project.

Next workshop is on September 10th, we will also be holding Auditions f…

Toma and Finn and much more!

Hey everyone,

Getting excited for Brent and his performance which is finally here. Yes, this Saturday the comedy show celebrating 25 years of Brent working with his friend Tom. Toma and Finn will be at the Lafayette Theater on Main Street in Lafayette, IN. Tickets are available through our website, or at the Lafayette Theater box office. Hope to see a sold out crowd for this great show.

Tonight at the Morton Center 222 N. Chauncey, West Lafayette, Brian Morris will be presenting a workshop called "How to self publish without going broke". Brian has authored over twenty books and has been a mentor to many, even a few of the Pegasus group members. Cost is only $5 to attend the workshop beginning at 8pm in room 205. Brian is founder of Rising tide Publications and was once a mortician assistant.

Plans have been finalized for Downtown Dickens and I will share them with you next week. Final plans are almost ready to announce on our ShakesBEER event as well as…

Cool things are happening

Welcome to Tuesday's Blog.

Cool things indeed are taking place with Pegasus.

 To begin with the count down to Brent's comedy show at the Lafayette Theater on August 25th is down to only twelve days. Tickets can be purchased through our website and of course at the theater the day of the show. 'Toma and Finn' is a series of sketch comedy made popular in the vaudeville days right up through Monty Python in in 70's and 80's. Magician Marcus Lehmann will serve as Master of Ceremonies for the event. This is the 25th anniversary show for Tom and Brent and it promises to be a night to remember.

As teased during last weeks blog, we are now prepared to announce that Brian and myself have secured a location for the FIRST ANNUAL AUTHOR EXPO. This will be a multi-genre book fair with many of our favorite authors from around the entire Midwest. The date will be Sunday, November 11th from 10am to 4pm inside the gymnasium at the Lafayette Adult Resource Academy (LARA) located…

This week at Pegasus

Hey everyone,

A lot has happened with several members of Pegasus Entertainment over the last month and heading into the next few weeks.

 Brian just got back from a very successful Book Show in Iowa where he made several contacts for our upcoming 'All genre Author Book Show'. More on that coming next week. He will also be hosting a workshop on self publishing coming up soon.

 Nate just finished up with his part (IFN- Indiana Film Network) in the Heritage Film Festival last week in Indianapolis.

 Pauly just had a new book published 'The Gates of Eden' and he hosted a workshop on line and at the Morton Center on getting over writer's block.

 Brent was putting the final touches on his upcoming Comedy Show up in Michigan. The show will be at the Lafayette Theater on August 25th. Ticket are available though our website.

 Kyle's comedy troupe did a short take filming session this past Saturday. He is looking to audition a few new members for the Pythonesque style grou…