Random Thoughts and Comments

Welcome to this week's post of random thoughts and comments. Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 8th for the annual Lafayette Downtown Dicken's celebration. There will be tractor hayrides, musical entertainment and a Christmas Village full of  holiday crafts perfect for the gift giving of the holidays. We at Pegasus, will have a booth selling books from Brian and Myself. My available titles that day will "Tears of St. Benedict's" "Downtown Dickens" "A Conversation with Twain" and "Be Extraordinary Today". Brian, Tim and Myself will also be performing "Downtown Dickens" at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. There will also be readings from "Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer", "The Night Before Christmas" and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" throughout the day at our booth. Chancel Players of Greater Lafayette will be producing "Freud's last session Feb. 21-23 at Trinity United Methodist Church

Turkeys can fly

Here is this week's Thanksgiving holiday post. "As God is my witness, I thoughts turkeys could fly" this is by far my most favorite part of the  turkey holiday, compliments of Les Nessmen and WKRP in Cincinnati sit com fame. This episode ran over thirty years ago and I still get a laugh watching it every year on u-tube. One stupid, horrible bit of comedy has lasted a lifetime for me. Kind of makes you wonder about the power behind entertainment. The mere act of throwing a 100 turkeys from a helicopter to spread thanksgiving cheer turned into disaster to millions of viewers, but anyone who saw that episode back then remembers it with fond thoughts now of a day when life was so much simpler and innocent. We all really believed Les when he uttered those words. This week, when our family gathers around the table, I will give thanks for God, family present and past and also pause to show my granddaughters that u-tube clip, for it is as much a part of my thanksgivings as

Veteran's Day

Well we just finished up Veteran's Day this past weekend and I urge all of you to keep the men and women who severed and are still serving in your prayers all 365 days of the year. Less than 1 percent of our population currently serve in the military in this now all volunteer format. Regardless of your political views and involvement always understand that these men and women simply follow orders and do so without hesitation because they love our country. They are not representing a political party, a particular cause or even a popular trend or belief. They are simply the best of the best that America has to offer and they act when called upon by our nation to represent and defend our United States of America. Along those same sentiments, this past weekend we held our first (soon to be annual) Pegasus Author Expo as a benefit for Lafayette Adult Resource Academy. It was attended by over twenty authors from around the Midwest. We kicked of the event with an original reading by Don

Author Expo

What do James Azrael, David Beem, Todd Black, Lisa L. Borm, Gary Buettner, Monica Cleary, Jane Curry, Molly Daniels, Sean Dulaney, Donna Frisinger, John Graham, Sara Disinger Hoss, Cathy Jackson, Andy 'Shaggy' Korty, Layce Lembcke, Skye Malone, Charles Millhouse, Charles Moisant, Luther Siler, Kyla Sims and Beth Sturgis all have in common? They are all authors from around the Midwest who will be invading Lafayette on Sunday for the first annual Pegasus Author Expo. These talented and successful authors will be joining Pegasus members Pauly Hart, Brian K. Morris and Tracy Rosa for the event being held to benefit the Lafayette Adult Resources Academy at their facility located at 1100 Elizabeth Street in Lafayette from 10 am to 4pm. Over 150 titles will be available for purchase at 'show prices' for your own reading pleasure or as gifts for the upcoming holidays. There will also be five panel discussions through out the day as well as, book readings by ten different au

Haunted Halloween

Here is this week's blog. I'm giving it the title Haunted Halloween, because, well … tomorrow is October 31st, Halloween. I am also going to try something a little different, I'm asking you THAT'S RIGHT Those of you who actually take out time to read my blog for some advice. So please respond to this blog via my website. Next October, that's in 2019, Pegasus would like to do a Halloween themed event for adults and those who are not thrilled with going to haunted houses (Blood and gore with chainsaws) and are looking for something different. Suggestions have included so far 1) a pub crawl w/ costumes. 2) A ghost story tour of downtown. 3) A trip through a cemetery  4) a haunted festival of some sorts and finally 5) A Zombie parade. So what is your suggestion? Drop me your comments, thoughts in a vaguely worded heading or a very well planned out idea. If interested in working with us at Pegasus in developing next years project, we are always looking for new b

Projects, projects, projects everywhere

Projects, projects, projects everywhere. Welcome to this week's blog entry. As I mentioned in last week's blog titled Writer's block I confessed that I seldom have if ever experienced the phenonium because I always had several writing projects going at the same time. What I failed to mention, since it didn't have anything to do with writing is that the beauty and the curse of this entire PEGASUS thing is that besides my personal writing schedule, there are several other events taking place involving the group. There is also my outside acting gigs and interests as well. And right now I am juggling a whole lot of things across the board. However, because I'm not a tree that is planted in one spot. I will always find a way to keep moving forward. So here is what is on my plate over the next few months. WRITING: I will be releasing the first week of November the second edition of Be Extraordinary Today 2. It is a compilation of motivational quotes, 365 to be exa

Writer's Block

Welcome to today's post. I want to tackle the question that comes up every now and then when more than one writer gets together in the same room. How do you handle writer's block? First, let me say that I have never experienced this topic, so my recommendations may go without the merit of personal experience. I have, however, run into days that I was not really motivated to sit down and blow out a couple thousand words on the laptop. I have always found it helpful for me to have several, as much as five or six projects going on at the same time. These of course may be at several different stages. Concept, Outline, Storyline, Writing, Editing, Rewrite and Polishing. I also try to set the same time frame and period during the day to work on these. I have a quiet spot in my home office area as well as on the back deck. It also helps at times to simply just relax in the hot tub and rethink a project through. I also find that most night's while trying to sleep that my mind w