Writer's Block

Welcome to today's post. I want to tackle the question that comes up every now and then when more than one writer gets together in the same room. How do you handle writer's block? First, let me say that I have never experienced this topic, so my recommendations may go without the merit of personal experience. I have, however, run into days that I was not really motivated to sit down and blow out a couple thousand words on the laptop.

I have always found it helpful for me to have several, as much as five or six projects going on at the same time. These of course may be at several different stages. Concept, Outline, Storyline, Writing, Editing, Rewrite and Polishing.

I also try to set the same time frame and period during the day to work on these. I have a quiet spot in my home office area as well as on the back deck. It also helps at times to simply just relax in the hot tub and rethink a project through. I also find that most night's while trying to sleep that my mind will zone in a one of the projects I'm working on and will actual be writing scenes while my head is on the pillow. This doesn't help much with getting sleep, but it sure does tell me which project I'm working on the next day. Typing out 4 or 5 thousand words the next day just seems to flow.

I also keep a notebook with ideas of new projects that come across my brain throughout the day. People watching, my favorite activity which I talked about in a previous post, always gives me ideas for new scripts, stories and the like. This notebook helps in avoiding the downtime (Block if you will) because when I have room for another project, I have already, in most cases, written enough down in my notebook, to start another project and add it to the rotation of five or six that are still on going.

Now, I know what you are thinking? And the question is yes. I have one project that hardly ever gets touched, maybe once every five or six months and then only for a day or two at that time. It has been a part of the rotation for several years. It may never be finished!

The only time that I make a conscious effort to sway from this set up is when I have a deadline to make on a project. Then I force myself to ignore the others, making an occasional note at the most on them and just plug away at the priority.

I hope that this may help avoid the Writer's Block syndrome you may be experiencing.


This Thursday Indiana Film Network (IFN) will be meeting 6-8pm at the downtown Library in Lafayette.

Chancel Players production of Pilgrim's Progress debuts on Friday and Saturday at Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette

Tickets are on sale for Nov 16 & 17 ShakesBEER pub Crawl at Civic Theater, The Knickerbocker, Professor Joe's. Digby's Pub and Thieme & Wagner.

Finally, Auditions for Downtown Dickens, to be performed December 8th will be held at the Morton Community Center on Monday 10/22 beginning at 6pm in room #205

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