Haunted Halloween

Here is this week's blog.

I'm giving it the title Haunted Halloween, because, well … tomorrow is October 31st, Halloween.
I am also going to try something a little different, I'm asking you THAT'S RIGHT Those of you who actually take out time to read my blog for some advice. So please respond to this blog via my website.

Next October, that's in 2019, Pegasus would like to do a Halloween themed event for adults and those who are not thrilled with going to haunted houses (Blood and gore with chainsaws) and are looking for something different.

Suggestions have included so far 1) a pub crawl w/ costumes. 2) A ghost story tour of downtown. 3) A trip through a cemetery  4) a haunted festival of some sorts and finally 5) A Zombie parade.

So what is your suggestion? Drop me your comments, thoughts in a vaguely worded heading or a very well planned out idea. If interested in working with us at Pegasus in developing next years project, we are always looking for new blood.

Also don't forget to mark your calendar for November 11th and the Author Expo benefiting LARA.

Hope to hear from you soon on your Halloween ideas.
Until next Tuesday.

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