Developing a character

Developing a character whether as an actor or not is the most important function that 'sells yourself' out there in the public. If the role is for stage or film, an actor has to totally immerse themselves as the character they are portraying for the audience or the public to believe in the credibility of the person being portrayed.

It is the same in everyday life. Who do you want to be? Are you struggling with confidence in front of small groups, large groups, in one on one situations? Are you not coming across as credible or even successful in the eyes of others? Maybe all you really need is to redefine or simply tweak your perceived character in their eyes, just as the actor inside all of us.

Our workshop: Acting 101 deals directly with these same questions. Who am I portraying? Yes, but even more importantly, how do I do it as effectively as possible and in a believable manner. We start by first observing as many different people as possible in public settings. Many people simply call this people watching, but it is much more than that. Don't merely watch but imagine what makes each individual tick. How do they walk, sit, smile, drink from a cup? How do they dress? How do they groom themselves? Imagine what they do for a living? Are they married, single, divorced? How many kids do they have? The most important part of this exercise is building the story in layers about these people that you observe based on clues that they present and identify those clues.

Simply put, even the simplest movement can tell a story about you in either a positive or negative manner. In business or on the stage, you want the right message coming across. Therefore, it is important that you understand every layer which you build upon in creating your outside persona that you are presenting. Once that is done, have confidence in playing that role.

To find out more about building characters or our workshop contact me through our website.

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