What is Storytelling?

Welcome to my Tuesday weekly blog on my Pegasus website. Today I would like to do a few things that are a bit different from my other blog postings and that is to answer a couple of questions that I keep getting from folks as I go around town.

The first question often asked is :What is this Pegasus thing? The simple answer is that I founded Pegasus to be a collective collaboration of several very talented creative artistic friends to work on a few projects and events during the year. These projects include an Author Expo, ShakesBEER pub crawl, Downtown Dicken's this year with plans for Haunted Tales, A Renaissance Faire, a murder mystery or two and a touring stage play. The second part, and maybe even more importantly, it is a group that lends support, a sounding board and often much needed man power to each individual members solo projects. Hopefully, over time I will not be hearing this question on a daily basis, as we become better publicly known.

The second comment more than a question, as I think more about it is when talking about them several books and many plays that I have written and produced goes like this: I don't think that I could ever do that, or I don't know how to tell stories, or I always wanted to try that but I probably wouldn't be any good at it or don't know how to start.

Let me answer this by simply saying, everyone can tell a story. You do it every day, when you tell anyone anything that happened to you that day. It is what we humans do, dating back to the days of the cave man. We tell stories. Being an author is simply setting down the spoken word onto paper that allows other people not in hearing distance to read the words instead of hear the words. STory telling is the oldest human things that we do. A novel is simply a very long story told in a way, we hope, that inspires the reader, or listener, to hear the rest. More about the characters, where they are going, what they are doing, what secret they are trying to solve, and finally how it all comes out at the end.

Your desire to write probably began with reading and now you have a story you want to tell. What is stopping you? What are your fears? We all began every story we have ever written the same way, looking at a blank page with the first step being turning words into that first sentence. Fear not, there are people out there who can help polish the grammar, the punctuation and edit it for continuity. But the main thing to remember is the words you put down are your voice, and your voice is like your fingerprint, none are identical to anyone else. So tell your story, set your words down onto the page. The page is very discreet and it won't judge what you write and it won't pass it along for others to read until you tell it to.

Finally, the third segment of Pegasus is to offer help to aspiring writers, actors, entertainers with individual and group instruction with private lessons and workshops. Have a story to write, call us we can help.

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