This week at Pegasus

Hey everyone,

A lot has happened with several members of Pegasus Entertainment over the last month and heading into the next few weeks.

 Brian just got back from a very successful Book Show in Iowa where he made several contacts for our upcoming 'All genre Author Book Show'. More on that coming next week. He will also be hosting a workshop on self publishing coming up soon.

 Nate just finished up with his part (IFN- Indiana Film Network) in the Heritage Film Festival last week in Indianapolis.

 Pauly just had a new book published 'The Gates of Eden' and he hosted a workshop on line and at the Morton Center on getting over writer's block.

 Brent was putting the final touches on his upcoming Comedy Show up in Michigan. The show will be at the Lafayette Theater on August 25th. Ticket are available though our website.

 Kyle's comedy troupe did a short take filming session this past Saturday. He is looking to audition a few new members for the Pythonesque style group.

 Lyle has been working hard on the Renaissance Faire Project set for May 2020. The basic business plan has been put into place, approved and is underway.

 Tim is being Tim and working on several projects at the moment including next summer's Theater in the park and this December's Downtown Dickens Show.

The group is also finalizing the ShakesBEER bar crawl for September and the Haunted Tales Tour coming in October. More details coming soon.

 Tracy's new novel 'Tears of ST. Benedict's'' is doing well. He also just published "Be Extraordinary Today' a 365 (1 a day) collection of motivational quotes. He is also starting Auditions by appointment for the touring companies production of "ANGEL EYES- the musical".

 Finally don't forget too visit our booth this Saturday, August 11th at the MOSEY DOWNTOWN in Lafayette, Indiana. See you then.

Remember, Be Extraordinary Today,



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