McGuire II underway

Happy Tuesday!

The sequel to 'Tears of St. Benedict's - A Michael McGuire Murder Mystery' is underway with the working title 'Kiss the Blarney Stone'. If all stays on schedule look for a early November release.

Late September look for 'The Extraordinary, unbelievable and definitively Odd Adventures of Sir Reginald Albert Arbuckle III' to be available. It is a series of tongue firmly implanted in cheek tales of Sir Arbuckle in a cross of 80 days around the world meets Bullwinkle's' Mr. Peabody.

On the event side of Pegasus, Brent finished his show this past Saturday, went very well!

The group is putting the finishing touches on both the ShakesBEER and the Haunted Tales Projects. Details to be announced next week.

Finalizing a few more details on the 2020 Renaissance Faire to be held May 2 & 3 in 2020 at the Tippecanoe County Amphitheater. Lyle is working hard on this project.

Next workshop is on September 10th, we will also be holding Auditions for Downtown Dickens that night, so more details next week.

Finally hope to see everyone at this Saturday's MOSEY down Main Street in Lafayette, Stop by our booth and say hello!

Be Extraordinary Today!



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