Veteran's Day

Well we just finished up Veteran's Day this past weekend and I urge all of you to keep the men and women who severed and are still serving in your prayers all 365 days of the year. Less than 1 percent of our population currently serve in the military in this now all volunteer format. Regardless of your political views and involvement always understand that these men and women simply follow orders and do so without hesitation because they love our country. They are not representing a political party, a particular cause or even a popular trend or belief. They are simply the best of the best that America has to offer and they act when called upon by our nation to represent and defend our United States of America.

Along those same sentiments, this past weekend we held our first (soon to be annual) Pegasus Author Expo as a benefit for Lafayette Adult Resource Academy. It was attended by over twenty authors from around the Midwest. We kicked of the event with an original reading by Donna Frisinger from Reynolds, Indiana. It was a beautiful rendition of lines of the National Anthem interspersed with a poem. Very touching and well done Donna.

It reminded me of Red Skelton's version of the Pledge of Allegiance which he performed on stage and television back in the fifties and sixties. I encourage all of you to google it and enjoy. Another favorite of both myself and my beautiful wife Julie's is the late Robin Williams portrayal of the American Flag, another worthy in these days of being googled.

Well that is probably enough of my preaching from the soapbox. However, every veteran from the very beginning fought for the rights of all of us to be able to step up onto that soapbox. I thank God that they did and are still protecting us today. I also thank God that I was born in this great country where I have the freedom to pursue my dreams, as crazy as they may seem.

Until next week, Be Extraordinary Today!


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